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From the fields to the glasses

The fabrication process of our beer, a process full of love and passion, takes place in several stages:

  • Cultivation of the barley on the farm.
  • Malting the barley, which makes starch available for brewing, starch that is then transformed into sugar and alcohol.
  • Brewing beer with this malt, hops, yeast and water.
  • Fermentation of the beer to convert the sugars in the barley into alcohol via the yeast. These yeasts also give off flavours.
  • Packaging in bottles and barrels
  • Beer commercialization in deliveries and direct sales in several France's departments.

A beer, a mood

The different characteristics of our products, according to your mood, an exceptional and original taste expertise!

Order, enjoy! ! Take advantage of our online store for a gift, an evening....)

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