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Our Beers

All our beers are made according to the specifications of organic production. We offer a range of beers available all year round. These style will convince the neophytes of the craft beer and seduce the initiates.

Ephemeral beers to vary the pleasures ...

Throughout the year we develop creative beers in limited quantities with seasonal raw materials. Do not hesitate to consult us to know the beer of the moment.

Pale Ale 4.5%vol 18 IBU

Light blond beer (English type). It is a sweet beer with a good cereals taste with floral notes brought by the French hop named like a musketeer; the Aramis.

Pale ale

Scottish 5.5%vol 12 IBU

Red Ale of Anglo-Saxon Red Ale tradition. It is the malt aromas that will be highlighted within this beer. Caramel notes and a slight smoky notes, will be appreciated for its roundness and balance.

IPA 7%vol 45IBU

Fairly strong blond beer, well hopped. The complexity of the malts used gives it a body that balances the bitterness for an attenuated feeling. The hopping will orient this IPA on resinous, citrus and fruity notes.

Recolte 6.5%vol 35 IBU

Amber beer with fresh hops harvested on the riverside of the Pyrenean foothills. Astonishing green and lightly roasted notes.

Tempo 5.5%vol 18 IBU

White beer, slightly bitter, finely fruity and spicy. Perfect for your bucolic evenings.

Marie Noëlle 6,5%vol 18IBU

Brewed with millet, spelt and sloe berries, this light amber beer will accompany your evenings by the fireplace. Well rounded in the mouth and finely spicy, to be found very soon at the foot of the fir tree!

GPA 6,6%vol 15IBU

Blond beer aged in Armagnac barrels. It knows how to bring out the notes of an exceptional terroir and its warmth will surprise your taste buds.

Imperial Russian Stout 9%vol 35IBU

Historically brewed in England for the Russian market. It was much appreciated by Empress Catherine II. It is a brown beer brewed with grapes, oats and almonds and then fermented with cocoa.

It will delight lovers of dark chocolate and coffee.